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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Doing a Happy Dance...

Those of you who are regulars to my Blog may remember me posting about ordering a tote bag for my new Cricut. Well sadly the order was cancelled as they didn't receive the amount of stock promised by Provocraft. So for weeks I have been regularly searching on Google, and the only stores that had them were in the US and due to licensing agreements they were unable to ship to the UK. Well today I searched again, and I think I put different criteria into Google...and low and behold the third store on the list was in the UK. Now I am hyperventilating as I click on and see that it is in stock, but having been disappointed once already I decide to call them. I spoke to a lovely lady who confirmed that it was in stock...the final one. She had originally had 4, 3 of which sold almost instantly, and this one had been left all alone. So now it will be mine, and will be with me via Special Delivery tomorrow. So maybe it wasn't as cheap as the US, but seeing as how I would have had to ship it to a friend in the US first and then they would ship it on....and then the potential of getting caught by customs....I am not unhappy in paying £66 with free Special Delivery. So as a is my lovely new bag....

Roll on tomorrow, we have a busy day including a haircut for me, and a trip to the Cinema to see Shrek the Third for Georgia and I.

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