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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Layout to share...

I have been meaning to upload this LO that I did at the MKScrappers Crop earlier this month. I only managed to get 2 LO's done all day due to the fact that Georgia had to come to the crop with me for part of the day...and she kept taking up all the space and pinching my stash.

I had fun last night with the Fimo Buttons and Paper Roses. I am waiting for the buttons to come out of the oven so will share pictures of them tomorrow, and the Paper Roses are part of my ScrapAGoGo DT work, so cannot show you them at the moment. I did however make some decorated buttons while I was in Suffolk.Don't think Adrienne at A House of Color has anything to worry about. Although they're not bad for a first attempt, and I did them at the B&B rather than in my own craft hopefully with practice I can improve.

We also got a parcel today from "Pots of Clay" in Woodbridge.....our bits arrived. If you remember from a previous post we had fun decorating them in Suffolk...and here they are after being glazed... This is one of mine....I had such fun with this one...looks very simple, but not so easy when you have a couple of boisterous five year olds at your table.

This is another of mine. They had only just received these and it turns out I was the first one to ever paint one. I am going to use it to collect change up for Georgia to spend on craft it will always be almost empty, she has almost as big a stash habit as I do...LOL Georgia managed to knock her one over at the shop and broke his hooves off, so David needs to reattach them before I can show it to you...although I will say, she did a fantastic job on it considering how complicated it was and how young she is.

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