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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Little Later than Planned...

Ok, so it took me longer than I promised to get some pictures to show you. These were taken when Georgia and I spent a few days in Suffolk with Lorraine and her lovely family....
Georgia on Monday evening in Suffolk when we were waiting for Lorraine and Family to collect us and then for us all to go to dinner. Georgia deep in concentration and the pottery painting shop. Harry did such a fantastic job on his Dinosaur Mug...just look at his face...boy was he concentrating hard.
We had fun getting this picture just outside Earl Soham. We took it on the Wednesday morning after we left the B&B at Saxstead and were on the way to Aldeburgh. I pulled over and tried to take it, when a car came up behind me and I had to move. So I went around the triangle shape in the road and went around for another try. On the second try a man in a white van stopped and smiled into my camera...I think he wanted to be in the can just imagine me hanging out of the car window taking the pictures.
Georgia on the sea front at Aldeburgh....with the UV Filter. Georgia Jump on the beach at Aldeburgh...with the polarizing gorgeous does the sky look.
The polarizing filter make the sky a truer colour in my picture. In the other one it is washed out by the really did look as blue as the second picture.
Anyway enough for now, I will be back tomorrow with pictures of my August GoGo Create Design Team work.

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