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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magnolia Winter Stamp Club

After searching the internet, I have managed to find an image showing the stamps that feature in the Winter Club Kit.....hope they make their way across the sea fairly sharpish...they look so cute, and I am loving all the little accessories in this kit.


Charlie said...

Blimey - even more stuff to wish for. Your cards are LOVELY - no way I could make all mine different but I do try to make only a handful of each design as otherwise I get bored. But you are roughly 32 xmas cards ahead of me - PLEASE tell me you don't have a 9-5 job as well cause I can't figure out how you can be that productive. BUT I just finished my "Scraproom make-over" project - (please visit my blog if you would like to see it..) and I trust I will be more effective in these surroundings.

Anonymous said...

They loook Awesome! I won't let these go :D

Reminds me.. got to sort my breadbin ;)

Marlene x

Taavjax said...

I recieved mine today!! I'm over in NI -and they are even more gorge in real life!! hope you get yours soon!!