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Monday, February 02, 2009

Request for help...

I am desperately seeking a Martha Stewart Valentines Heart Border Punch....can any of my followers/blog readers help me.....I would be eternally grateful.

Please email me using the link to the right.


MichelleO said...

I will go into town on Tuesday or Wednesday and will look for you. They were sold out last week, hopefully they restocked.
Large Hearts or small scalloped hearts or both?

tracy said...

they have them on ebay coming from the usa price between £15-00 - £23.00 some have a buy it now as well. Hope this helps
Tracy x

Kathy said...

Sorry I went to ours and they are all gone!! They sure went fast!! Sorry!!! :)Kathy

Kim said...

I have one on the way Caz from Ebay along with the arch lattice. If you don't manage to get one I will get you one in the USA when I go but not for 10 weeks! I couldn't wait that long myself!!! Good luck in finding one.