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Thursday, March 20, 2008

PC created Circle Sentiments

I have had a couple of requests for how to's on this, and I am not very good at explaining, so I have added a file for you to download. To change the words of the sentiment you need to click on the circle so that a box comes around it. Then choose "edit text", and insert your own sentiment. You can also change the colour and size in this area..."WordArt Format". I am using Word 2007, but the file is saved for all word formats.

If you have a problem downloading the file, please feel free to email me on

Click on the link to Download :



Anonymous said...

Thanks Caz for posting info re: circle sentiment, really appreciate it (& it works!!) I requested it under 'anonymous' as I haven't got a blog. Regards Anne Wilcox

Wee Hels said...

Fabulous! - Many thanks for the post